Famous and Hearing Impaired…

Whoopie Goldberg, Dave Grohl, Alice Cooper, Hallie Berry, Bill Clinton, Rose Ayling-Ellis, Gertrude Ederle

The common factor between all of these people is fame…and hearing loss.

Whilst some of you may well say “Well, it’s hardly a surprise that rock legend Alice Cooper has a hearing loss” you may not have realised that during Bill Clinton’s time in office he wore hearing aids. Or that the first woman to swim the English Channel was not going to let a hearing impairment from childhood measles stop her from fulfilling her dreams.

Rose Ayling-Ellis, a British actor, made headlines for competing in Strictly Come Dancing. Despite her profound hearing loss, she had us spellbound as she danced her way to victory. Hallie Berry lost hearing in one ear due to domestic violence and Whoopie Goldberg proudly wears two hearing aids to correct her hearing loss.

In the UK 1 in 5 adults in the UK have a hearing loss or tinnitus, and more than 40% of people over the age of 50 have a hearing loss. So why do hearing aids still have a negative image?

Hearing aids allow people to carry on living their lives, rich in communication, they open doors that would otherwise be shut. They can blend seamlessly into life to assist people in achieving their dreams.

Unfortunately, stock images of large beige bulky hearing aids are used in articles about hearing loss and aids. In fact, a lot of hearing aids are so discrete that we don’t even know they are being used!               

By using their celebrity platforms, individuals like those above can draw attention to and raise awareness around hearing impairment. They are proof that, in a world seemingly obsessed by celebrity glamour, wearing hearing aids will not reduce their beauty, their talent, or their intellect.

The message coming across loud and clear from all these people … “We CAN and we WILL do it”

All people are unique, the range of experiences and identities of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals are different. Media must be open and proactive about those identities, without making assumptions on the ability of the person, without stereotypes or patronising.

Please don’t be put off hearing aids by outdated ideas, or old stock images. There are types and styles to suit all levels of hearing loss, all lifestyles, and appearances.

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