Frequently Asked Questions:

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How can I get rid of ear wax? / What is a safe way to remove ear wax?

I can’t hear, is it wax?

Is ear wax removal painful?

People mumble, could it be wax?

What drops should I use to clean my ears?

What is ear wax for?

What is irrigation?

What is microsuction?

Why do my ears block up?

Why do my ears feel itchy?

Why does ear wax stop me hearing?

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Do I need a hearing test?

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I can hear, just not clearly - do I have a hearing loss?

I can’t hear properly, what should I do?

What is hearing loss?

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What is the maximum daily personal noise exposure limit

Are swimming plugs really necessary?

Do ear plugs really work for swimming?

Which are the best ear plugs for swimming?

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Why do I hear my pulse?

Why is there a ringing sound in my ear?

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