Swim Plugs

Our ears can be sensitive to water and repeated exposure can lead to infections – bacterial and fungal, as well as other conditions including exostosis – commonly referred to as surfers ear. Exostosis is the formation of benign bony growths within the ear canal due to repeat exposure to cold water. Bony swellings appear on the walls of the ear canal and, as they grow they cause a narrowing of the ear canal which can result in water and wax being trapped in the ear canal. Wearing swim plugs will prevent cold water entering the ear canal and prevent infections or exostosis from developing.

Anyone with a perforation, or hole, in their ear drum MUST wear a swim plug to avoid water entering their ear.

There are many types of over the counter swim plugs available. However a better fit will be obtained and more cost effective management will be achieved through custom made swim plugs.

Impressions will be taken of your ears and scanned using our 3D scanner. The files are sent to the manufacturer who will produce soft silicone plugs that are made to measure. Plugs with filters are available so that you can still hear conversations around you, perfect for training sessions or for listening to ambient sounds around you whilst you enjoy the water.

For a comprehensive review of swim plugs and the impression taking process, please watch this video by Colin Hill from Ullswater Swim Place. (Link to you tube video)

An accurate assessment of your hearing will enable us to find the best solution to your individual needs.

Call 01539 234180 today to discuss how we can meet your hearing needs.

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