Hearing Aids

How can hearing aids help me?How can hearing aids help me?

  • Do you feel people around you mumble?
  • Do you struggle to follow conversations in busy settings?
  • Do others complain that your TV or radio is too loud?
  • Are you frustrated during group conversations when you can’t follow?
  • Do you feel tired or stressed from socialising?


If you have answered YES to any of these questions we recommend you use our online hearing screener found here or call us to book an in depth hearing assessment.

Your brain may need more sound!

If your brain doesn’t get the sound information it needs, you'll find it more difficult to
understand what people are saying and what's happening around you.

How can hearing aids help me?

Hearing aids come in many different styles and designs, from invisible and discrete  How can hearing aids help me?
How can hearing aids help me?

to statement and stylish. 

They can be battery operated or rechargeable.


Call us to discuss which options best suit your needs.


Please be aware that any sudden (within 3 days) change in your hearing or rapid deterioration (in the last 4-90 days) or facial paralysis or numbness needs URGENT medical attention, please contact your GP or A&E.

An accurate assessment of your hearing will enable us to find the best solution to your individual needs.

Call 01539 234180 today to discuss how we can meet your hearing needs.

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