The benefits of a relationship with your hearing aid dispenser.

Consistency, continuity, and relationship.. are these words you would associate with your hearing aid dispenser?

We work hard at Lakeland Hearing to provide these three things, along with our excellent care for your hearing, because we believe these are important, even essential for a successful hearing aid journey.

Hearing care at its best uses an understanding of a client’s personal circumstances to fit hearing aids appropriately. We use consistency and continuity of care within our small practice to build an important relationship between ourselves and our clients. This means that we can really get to understand what a client needs and we can provide the best solutions for each client individually.

All our clients lead different lives, they enjoy different pastimes and requirements for their hearing needs are all different. Whether it is the school run, busy meetings, interactions at the supermarket or family gatherings, each set of circumstances will place different requirements on what a client needs from their hearing aids. As we build up a relationship with our clients, we begin to understand these needs and we are better able to care for them.

For example:

Mrs D. had a stroke, the dexterity in her right hand decreased significantly and she could no longer put her right hearing aid in her ear. We chatted through options and together we agreed that by making her a new moulded ear piece it would improve her ability to handle and insert the hearing aid in her right ear without needing to rely on carers to put her hearing aids in.

Mr T. has Meniere’s disease. This is progressive disease that causes vertigo attacks, tinnitus and progressive hearing loss. As his attacks increased in frequency, his hearing levels have dropped. Regular monitoring means we can track these changes. We can program his hearing aid to fit his latest test results and provide a variety of settings for the small fluctuations in his hearing levels.

Continuity in care means that he doesn’t have to relay his story and symptoms to a different audiologist each time. The care we can provide is consistent and the relationship builds to give him an optimally fitted hearing aid.

Take a step in the right direction on your hearing aid journey and contact us at Lakeland Hearing for more information.


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