Diabetes and Hearing Loss

 Diabetes Week

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People with diabetes are more likely to develop a hearing loss than people without the disease?


Although the relationship between the two remains unclear, both type 1 and type 2 diabetes increases the risk of developing hearing loss.

One study has shown that people with diabetes are two times more likely to develop hearing loss that people without the disease. Furthermore, hearing loss develops earlier in life for those with diabetes.

It is important for people with a diagnosis of diabetes to have a baseline hearing test to record hearing levels and to then follow up with regular and routine hearing checks throughout life to identify any changes to hearing levels.

Maintaining hearing health will help to keep your hearing system working as well as possible. Avoid putting anything in your ears such as cotton buds or paper clips. If you are being exposed to loud sounds, wear the appropriate hearing protection to avoid noise damage to your hearing. Listen to music through headphones or earbuds at a sensible level and take breaks.

What are the signs of hearing loss to look out for?

  • Difficulty hearing in background noise
  • Feeling like people are mumbling or speech is muffled
  • Mishearing or misunderstanding conversation 
  • Tiredness or fatigue at the end of a busy listening day
  • People accuse you of not listening

If you feel like you might have a hearing loss, or if you want further information about your hearing please get in touch with us at Lakeland Hearing so we can help you to hear well.



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